Amy Wachspress has her bachelor’s degree in English and Drama, her master’s degree in English Language and Literature, and she completed her coursework for her Ph.D. in English but bailed before writing a dissertation. She is a certified holistic nutritionist. She founded Woza Books in 2006 and self-published The Call to Shakabaz in 2007. In June 2012, Counterpoint Press published her adult novel, Memories from Cherry Harvest, as the Frances Fabri Literary Prize winner for 2011. She earns her bread-and-butter income as a grant writer, and in that capacity she has helped secure more than $200 million for excellent projects in more than 40 states. Amy and her husband Ron Reed raised their three dazzling multicultural children on 40 acres of remote forest accessible only by a dirt road rising up the hillside from organic vineyards in northern California. Wise ancient trees stood guard at their gate. After their children left home, they moved out of the forest; however they still live in the shadow of wise old trees. They are now grandparents.