The Call to Shakabaz


1.  Before the Goodacre children go to Faracadar, their aunt and uncles give them:


a.  Amulets to wear.

b.  A warning to beware of Sissrath.

c.  Magic powder.

d.  A blessing.



2.  Aunt Alice’s parrot likes to say:


a.  “Amethyst is the gatekeeper.”

b.  “Bayard wants blueberries.”

c.  “Hyacinth is a fool.”

d.  “There’s no place like home.”



3.  After sleeping in the Marini Hills, the Goodacres and Jasper wake up to find:


a.  They have been robbed.

b.  It snowed during the night.

c.  The trees left them a gift.

d.  They are surrounded by sprites.



4.  While the Four are on Whale Island, Sissrath’s Special Forces:


a.  Overrun Whale Island searching for the Four.

b.  Attack and burn the Passage Circle.

c.  Capture Bayard Rustin.

d.  Destroy the Willow-wisp Inn.



5.  The attempt to assassinate Sissrath fails because:


a.  The secret passageway does not go to Sissrath’s room.

b.  The dart shooter misfires.

c.  Crumpet turns himself into a rock by accident.

d.  Sissrath transforms himself to look like their mother and Denzel can’t shoot him.



6.  The travelers escape the Geebachings using:


a.  A cloak of invisibility.

b.  Hyacinth’s sleeping potion.

c.  Music.

d.  Jokes.



7.  When they are locked in the dungeon at the Final Fortress, Sonjay is convinced he hears:


a.  The call of wolves.

b.  The voice of his father.

c.  The voice of his mother.

d.  The call of Shakabaz.



8.  The whales tell Doshmisi:


a.  She must ask the trees how to defeat Sissrath.

b.  Violence makes more violence and evil must be transformed with positive energy.

c.  The Staff of Shakabaz will come to her if she clears her mind of all thoughts and calls to it.

d.  She knows in her heart the answer to the question she seeks.



9.  When Doshmisi tries to return the armor vest to Denzel in Spriteland he won’t take it. His reason is:


a.  “If one of us falls, we all fall. I don’t see any point in wearing the vest now. It can’t cover everyone.”

b.  “It’s ruined now.”

c.  “Give it to Sonjay because he needs it the most.”

d.  “We don’t need it now that we have the Staff of Shakabaz.”



10.  In the final confrontation with Sissrath:


a.  Sissrath kills Cardamon.

b.  Sonjay tells Sissrath he will never defeat them while they have the amulets.

c.  The Special Forces cannot fight against the deep magic from the past.

d.  The Four lead the people in a nonviolent march against Sissrath.


The key for this quiz is not provided here to prevent clever students from finding it. Teachers who have read the book can create their own key, but should you want one provided, email Amy at to obtain a copy with verification that you are indeed a teacher.